What You Need to Know to Sell Oversees

Los Angeles — President Trump and his administration are undoubtedly huge small business supporters which is why his meeting with Alibaba’s Executive Chairmen, Jack ma comes as no surprise. In their meeting they discussed their intention on creating over a million new U.S jobs. How? By selling American products in China with the help of Alibaba Group.


China has a population which is three times greater than that of the United States, this offers a large number of opportunities for small, American businesses. Alibaba Group has approximately 493 million unique active users that are not registered on Taobao and Tmall. With the growing Chinese e-commerce market, consumers are willing to create new relationships with foreign brands. This is a great opportunity for small businesses to grab the attention of Chinese consumers an form strong relationships while expanding their businesses.


The most important thing to take into consideration while making the decision to to move over seas is the investment your company is willing to make. Tmall Global allows its customers to open a storefront without having a chinese partner, this removes a big barrier that many small business face when trying to sell in China.

Tmall Global helps sellers open a fully controlled storefront where businesses can sell directly to the consumer. This may seem very similar to many other platforms on the market but there is quiet an amount of differences. The major difference is that unlike many U.S platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, Tmall Global runs through a bonded warehouse located in China’s freetrade zones which eliminate import taxes. This helps small businesses save money and join an even playing-field price-wise.

china cargo

According to the Alibaba Group team that reviews the company’s consumer data basis, some of the in-demad industries include but are not limited to: agricultural products, food and beverage, baby and maternity goods, health and beauty products. These goods are more than likely to explode in the Chinese market. There is also an increasing interest on sporting and lifestyle goods. These types of goods aren’t as developed in China as they are in the United States which is what makes them so interesting. Due to this, great opportunities arise for small American businesses to sale their products in china.

chinapork .png

It is very difficult to market to a culture which you don’t understand almost at all such as language and buying and marketing habits, this is no reason to worry though. This is where Alibaba group stands out from their competitors. They use their skills to market American products to the Chinese e-commerce market and target consumers based on their platforms. They use variety of marketing strategies including Youtube and other internet celebrities to influence consumers.

Another major concern to small business is payment and logistics. Alibaba group provides the infrastructure necessary to run a business. Alipay, a company owned by Alibaba’s sister company Ant Financial, allows small business owners to easily complete transactions and get payment from oversees. This eliminates another huge obstacle for American business owners when trying to sell in China because they are now given the tools needed to make their transition much easier.

Alibaba has announced that they are going to set up a program to help teach American companies how to trade in the Chinese e-commerce market. You can join us at Access Asia 2017 Trade summit in Los Angeles, California on October 11-12, 2017. To learn more about how to get you company started in the Chinese market visit http://www.AccessAsia2017.com


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