5 Secrets to Succeed in the Chinese Market

1.Marketplaces are HUGE in Chinese E-Commerce
Almost 90% of the Chinese E-commerce marke tin China Is made up of marketplaces. If you really want you business to take off in the Chinese market, look into marketplaces. Not only is the market 90% marketplaces but 75% of Chinse E-commerce is run through Alibaba. Very little retailers have a dominant position in the Chinese e-commerce market.


2.UX is different in China
E commerce in china is completely different in China than it is in the United States. It is far more centralized. In the United States many retailers operate independently but that is not the case in China. Retailers in China often operate as storefronts on Alibaba’s tmall.com this gives consumers easier access to check out their purchaces unlike in America where they have different log ins for each site. Many Chinese retailers have a middleman between buyers and sellers.

3.Chinese retailers must be clearly Authentic and Understand the Language
Any brand trying to make it in the Chinese E-commerce market must learn how to influence their targeted audience. This means companies need to identify ways to effectively identify how consumers find them online. Google in China is virtually unknown, they use platforms lie Baidu and Qinhoo360. Companies need to learn keywords that will work on these domains. This I very important because it helps companies fully connect with the Chinese market. Counterfeiting in the e-commerce market is

china cargo

4.Understand the different type of culture with customers
Retailers ned to understand certain shifts in China’s consumer preferences. China has distinct differences in each region
Different cities have different culture which makes it a bit more difficult to connect with Chinese consumers on a cultural level but understanding them will make selling your product much easier.

5.Attend Access Asia 2017
Join us in Los Angeles california on October 2017 to discover how the Alibaba Group and its American partners Exhivisit and repDM can help you grow your business by tapping into DIGITAL MARKETING in the gigantic Asian Market! MEET ASIA’S LEADING DIGITAL MARKETING AND INTERNATIONAL TRADE COMPANIES. More than 25 leading ASIAN DIGITAL MARKETING Companies will be attending Including: ALIBABA GROUP Alibaba is China’s – and by some measures, the world’s – biggest online commerce company. Transactions on its online sites totaled $248 billion last year, more than those of eBay and Amazon.com combined. ALIEXPRESS ALIEXPRESS AliExpress.com is an online retail service made up of mostly small Chinese businesses offering products to international online buyers. TAOBAO TAOBAO Taobao is China’s largest online marketplace and with over 7 million vendors and 800 million products you can find almost anything, from cosmetics to dead mosquito bodies. TMALL TMALL Tmall Global is a solution that enables companies based beyond China’s borders to directly advertise and sell to millions of Chinese consumers. Overseas companies without China business licenses are eligible to apply to Tmall Global.


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