The Chinese E-commerce Market Gets an American Make Over

The Chinese e-commerce market is on the rise and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. With so many products available in the Chinese market, consumers have opened up their minds and wallets to American fashion and beauty products. China’s fashion industry is one of the largest markets in the fashion world, and it’s only getting bigger. With that being said, American companies are in luck. Since American fashion has such a high demand in the Chinese market, American companies are faced with a tremendous opportunity to earn millions of new customers. Alibaba, one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms plans on helping these American companies connect to the Chinese market during their upcoming event, Access Asia 2017 Trade Summit. During this trade summit, American companies can learn how to successfully connect with Chinese customers by helping them get through some of the obstacles many companies face while trying to make the move over seas.


The first thing American companies need to know to successfully connect with the Chinese market is what is in demand? This is one of the many helpful things Alibaba will offer American companies. In the past few years, Chinese have had an obsession with cosmetics, skin care products, fashion and apparel. American fashion has created a sense of cross-cultural relationship between China and The United States. Young Chinese citizens almost admire American fashion, so much so that in recent years they have spent nearly 30% of their income on fashion.



Not only do American companies have to worry about what is in demand in the Chinese market but they also have to take into consideration many other factors. Chinese consumers invest in foreign goods with quality. Alibaba helps American companies understand the Chinese culture a little more so that they can provide the customers with 100% satisfaction. Chinese customers have recently shown that they will spend more money on products that are made in the United States. With the help of Alibaba at Access Asia 2017, American companies will be introduced to high paying customers which will inevitably help their business grow, not only through customers but in profit as well.



Access Asia 2017 Trade Summit will be held on October 11-12, 2017 at The Pacific Palms Resort in City of Industry, California. This unique trading opportunity is one your company does not want to miss. You will learn how to gain access to five hundred million new Asian product buyers. President Trump and Jack Ma, the founder and Executive Chairman of the Alibaba Group, have made selling American products to China a priority. So, you don’t want to miss the tremendous opportunity to be among the first companies that will take action! We can show you anything you need to know so that you can start shipping your products in Asia; legal, regulatory, e-commerce and other kinds of trade services that will offer you security during your expansion to this new market. We can even take care of intellectual property issues.

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