Chinese Consumers Turn to American Baby Products

3 out of 5 Chinese consumers, 58% purchase foreign products online. One major pattern that these customers have shown is that they love buying American baby products. Baby formula, baby toys, and nursing products are a few of the top items they purchase. This leads to many opportunities for American baby product manufactures to gain almost 58% of the Chinese e-commerce market and Alibaba plans to teach them exactly how at their upcoming trade summit, Access Asia 2017, this October.

baby product .jpg

It has become more common for Chinese consumers to purchase baby products from American manufactures online because of 3 major things. 1. Quality, 2. Legitimacy, and 3. Brand. The main reason Chinese consumers have turned to American manufactured baby products is because of the amazing quality they provide. Not only is it safer for the baby but many of the products are reliable and long lasting. The second reason, legitimacy, is a major problem in China. Many products are either knock offs, or they do not do as advertised. It is a lot less common for American products to be fake than it is for Chinese products and this gives consumers a peace of mind when purchasing online. The 3rd reason, Brand, is something not only Chinese consumers enjoy but almost everyone in the world. Many people prefer to have a well known brand rather than something not as known. Many American brands such as Gerber and Johnson and Johnson have made a huge impact on the market.

baby formula

Alibaba along with RepDm and Exhivisit will be hosting a Trade summit to help connect American companies to the Chinese E-commerce market. Access Asia 2017 Trade Summit will be held on October 11-12, 2017 at The Pacific Palms Resort in City of Industry, California. This unique trading opportunity is one your company does not want to miss. You will learn how to gain access to five hundred million new Asian product buyers. President Trump and Jack Ma, the founder and Executive Chairman of the Alibaba Group, have made selling American products to China a priority. So, you don’t want to miss the tremendous opportunity to be among the first companies that will take action! We can show you anything you need to know so that you can start shipping your products in Asia; legal, regulatory, e-commerce and other kinds of trade services that will offer you security during your expansion to this new market. We can even take care of intellectual property issues.
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