Potential in the Chinese E-commerce Market

It is becoming more and more common for people to use online shopping as their go to when they need anything. The Chinese e-commerce is showing signs of addiction which is causing a huge potential for American companies. Chinese consumers make up almost half of entire E-commerce world. Alibaba and their partners RepDM and Exhivisit plan to host a trade summit to teach American companies how to sell to the Chinese market.

China makes around 33% of its sells through online shopping. If American companies sell to the Chinese market they can increase their profit and overall sales. Access Asia 2017 is a great opportunity for American companies not only to learn how to sell in the Chinese market but to sale their products on the spot at the convention.


Here is a brief overview of our event. RepDM, Exhivisit and the Alibaba Group announced the launch of their “Sell-to-China” trade summit, www.AccessAsia2017.com coming up on October 11-12, 2017, which will enable American entrepreneurs and small and medium-size enterprises to sell direct to China’s top buyers, importers and wholesalers (both online and offline retailers). Access Asia will provide American Brands and MADE-IN-USA suppliers with Chinese-American language interpreters at the Trade Summit and each Attendee will receive a 10 minute on stage opportunity to present their products. In addition, the Alibaba Group and RepDM announced that the two day summit will allow you time to sit down and make deals with key buyers, importers and wholesalers. This trade summit is part of our continuing effort to empower U.S. small businesses, entrepreneurs, and farmers to sell to hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers. You can make deals at Access Asia 2017 our upcoming business trade summit in Los Angeles, CA.  More than 100 representatives from the Alibaba Group alone are scheduled to be in attendance. For more information please visit http://www.AccessAsia2017.com or call Toll Free at 1-855-566-4156



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