Chinese Consumers Want American Meat

Americans’ are known for their love for summer BBQs. It is one of those things that people think of when they picture Americans, sitting outside on a summer night with friends and family barbecuing steaks, chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers. Chinese consumers LOVE this idea, and even more they love American meats.


American meat producers are now able to sell to the Chinese market and make huge increases in their sales and profit. “China has really become a major importer of beef over the last few years. We certainly missed out on that without having access,” says Kent Bacus, director of international trade and market access for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. And since Chinese enjoy less popular pieces of meat than Americans, it also opens up opportunity for using more of the animals to make better money.


The Chinese e-commerce world is growing and it is growing fast. They love anything made in the USA which is why American companies should act now and expand to over 500 million potential customers where total beef sales grew around 4 percent last year to reach 5.9 million.


Selling to China is not always easy though, which is why Alibaba and RepDM are hosting an event to teach American companies how to sell their products to the Chinese e-commerce market at Access Asia 2017. For more information visit or call toll free 1-855-566-4156


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