Golf and Tennis Make it BIG in China

In the past few weeks Chinese investors have been dropping millions on U.S Golf Courses. Only around 0.07% of the Chinese population regularly plays golf because unlike in the United States, golf in China faces some serious challenges. The Chinese government closed 111 courses and have imposed restrictions on another 65 courses. This however, is not stopping the golf enthusiasts. As golf spreads throughout China, it also spreads a positive attitude to younger generations. This attitude is what is sparking so much interest in the game. As the growing interest in the sport grows, the market is also beginning to bloom. American companies who manufacture Golf equipment are being faced with the opportunity of a lifetime. Now is the perfect chance to begin selling their products to the Chinese E-commerce market. Considering that the majority of the Chinese, golfing population is pretty young, they are very much aware of the wonders of online shopping. The online market would be the perfect place for American golf companies because their target audience will be right there waiting for them.


Golf is not the only sport making it’s way to the top in China, tennis is right alongside it. Tennis is one of the fastest growing sports in China. Now that tennis is easily accessible and more affordable to play, it is opening up to the middle class. The sport has even recently been introduced to schools and many parents are signing their children up for lessons. Most parents feel safe sending their children to tennis classes because it is safe and tennis is showing to help young Chinese citizens relax and forget about all the pressure they face at school. American tennis companies would completely blow their sales through the roof if they decide to sell their products to the Chinese e-commerce market. This not only benefits the Chinese economy but the United States’ as well.


Many of these American companies are unaware of the resources they have to successfully sale their product to China, which is why RepDM, Exhivisit, and Alibaba are coming together to host a massive trade show to teach them how. Access Asia 2017 Trade Summit is no ordinary trade summit, attending Access Asia 2017 may possibly be one of the best business decisions you have ever made. At the event there will be More than 100 representatives from the Alibaba Group alone are scheduled to be in attendance. In addition, numerous offline and traditional retail buyers, importers and wholesalers will be in attendance. Access Asia 2017 is an unprecedented opportunity for American Companies to meet face‐to‐face in Los Angeles, California with top Asian Importers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Designers, and Digital Marketing Professionals who live and work everyday in China. This is an event your American company does NOT want to miss out on. For more information, please visit or call TOLL FREE 1-855-566-4156


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