Access Asia 2017 Introduces The Panda Ring

If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably been invited to at least one trade show or another. We ALL know how these things go, you sign up, enter a room with a ton of other companies, and pretty much listen to the same ideas being pitched to you over and over. So when you heard about Access Asia 2017 Trade Summit, your first reaction was probably , “Another One? Really?” Well your first reaction will be completely changed when  you find out what Access Asia 207 is offering! For the first time EVER America and China are opening up the doors to free trade which is an AMAZING opportunity for American companies to expand their business and make profit through chinese customers. With the growing Chinese e-commerce, there is always new opportunities for products made in America to bloom in China. Access Asia 2017 is offering a brand new fun, and exciting concept, “Panda Ring” for American businesses to pitch there products to Chinese buyers, wholesalers, an investors to make deals and sales on site! For more information watch the video below or visit


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