5 American Brands Making it BIG in China.

It’s no surprise that ever since President Donald Trump’s meeting with Alibaba leader, Jack Ma, encouraging trade between the United States and China, many companies have attempted to make the move overseas. An average of 58% of Chinese consumers purchase American made products online. That is a huge percentage of people considering that there are around 500 million Chinese e-consumers. Here are 5 of the most successful American brands and companies that are selling in china.

  1. Walmart. It is no surprise that this super store is making it big in China. Walmart has racked up an impressive $7.5 billion in Chinese sales since Walmart has opened up stores in 130 different Chinese cities. Although this may seem like a small number to a multi-billion dollar corporation, the sales in China have been significantly increasing within the past few years as compared to those sales in the United States which seem to be slowly decreasing. Making significant sales in China has helped this company stay successful not only in its home country but also in China where the store seems to be growing in popularity. chinawalmaaaaaaaartts
  2.  General Motors. General Motors is an all around successful company so it seems pretty obvious that they would be successful in China. In 2011 General Motors became the largest automobile maker in the world. In China, General Motors is the top selling brand and continues to grow. They have been so successful that they have even sold more vehicles in China than they did in America!
  3. Starbucks. Starbucks is an American favorite for sure, is it even possible to get through the work day without a regular morning latte? Well by the looks of it, Starbucks has been becoming increasingly more popular in China as well. Starbucks has a total of 450 store in mainland China and they plan to open up a thousand more! If opening up nearly 2 thousand Starbucks locations doesn’t scream success to you than nothing can.
  4. Costco. Costco entered China through their rapidly growing  e-commerce market. With such an amazing outcome in selling many of their products online the company decided to open up a store in China which also did incredibly well. The move to China helped boost revenue in the United States by $35.5 billion.
  5. Apple. Apple hit it off big time when the Chinese’s interest grew in smart phones. The iPhone caused sales to grow by 87% in a little over a year. The outstanding success that Apple has gained in China has earned it’s home country a big pay check. The success in China really did influence how successful the company became at home as well. apppleeeechinaaaaa.jpg

Even if you are a small to medium sized business owner, your company can also succeed in selling to the Chinese market. This October, RepDM, Exhivisit, and Alibaba will be holding Access Asia 2017 Trade Summit to help teach American companies the benefits of selling to China as well as allowing them the perfect opportunity to make sales onsite at the event. There will be Chinese buyers, whole sellers, and investors ready to purchase American products and begin selling them over seas. This means your company will have the perfect chance on making profit simply by signing up for the event at http://www.AccessAsia2017.com

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