The Impact Foreign Trade Has On Small Businesses

Small to medium sized businesses are faced with a number of challenges while they are in the beginning stages of their careers. Something that can drastically change the entire life of the company is starting up trade with a foreign country. Trading with foreign countries has a major impact on smaller to medium sized businesses. So much so that according to a U.S. Census Bureau 2015 report, US small- and medium-sized companies accounted for more than 40% of the US non-farm, private sector GDP and 94.4% of total imports and exports, by volume. These are large percentages in favor of small companies who sell to China. Alone, selling to China may be extremely difficult. That is why Access Asia 2017 Trade Summit was created. Access Asia 2017 is going to teach these companies everything they need to know.  Attending Access Asia 2017 you can Meet with the top import/trade executives, as well as, the buyers with Asia’s largest digital marketing company (The Alibaba Group, TaoBao, TMall) with more than 200 Million Online Chinese shoppers daily! They are looking for USA brands and Made in America products to import into China.
You can visit us at  We will be happy to discuss the event with you so please feel free to call 855-566-4156

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