Selling to China Will Help The American Economy

American companies are making good money since they started selling their products bring in money to their business. Many companies who have gone to sell overseas do relatively well once they make the move. Some companies even do better once they’re there. Access Asia 2017 will teach small to medium sized businesses how to sell their products to China. When American businesses do well in the Chinese market, it helps the American economy. The more businesses that do well in the Chinese market means more money coming into the American economy.

Many companies have attempted to make the move overseas. An average of 58% of Chinese consumers purchase American made products online. That is a huge percentage of people considering that there are around 500 million Chinese e-consumers. Here are 5 of the most successful American brands and companies that are selling in china.


Attending Access Asia will provide all the tools necessary for them to be successful to in the Chinese market. Even if you are a small to medium sized business owner, your company can also succeed in selling to the Chinese market. This October, RepDM, Exhivisit, and Alibaba will be holding Access Asia 2017 Trade Summit to help teach American companies the benefits of selling to China as well as allowing them the perfect opportunity to make sales onsite at the event. There will be Chinese buyers, whole sellers, and investors ready to purchase American products and begin selling them over seas. This means your company will have the perfect chance on making profit simply by signing up for the event at

For more information call toll free 1-855-566-4156

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