What Is Access Asia 2017?

If you haven’t heard by now, RepDM and Exhivisit have teamed up with the Alibaba group to host a mojor new event for small to medium sized American companies, Access Asia 2017 Trade Summit. This event is an offer that no American company should let go of. Attending Access Asia will generate thousands of dollars in sales for companies every month through Alibaba’s online market. Selling your product to China is such an amazing opportunity that even our own President, Donald Trump has spoken with the president of Alibaba to create a game plan. Here is a little about Access Asia 2017.


We’re bringing Asia’s Top marketers here to Los Angeles meet you!
Our goal is simple, Turn Access Asia 2017 into a platform that will generate hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for American Entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Size businesses! Create jobs for America and profits for American companies by selling American Brands and Made in USA products to the booming Asian marketplace.


If you are Curious about selling your products in Asia? Wise move. Alibaba.com netted $248 billion in sales last year—more than eBay and Amazon COMBINED.
Access Asia 2017 is this October in Los Angeles. It’s the first step in selling your products to a middle class market that’s bigger than the entire population of the United States. Do NOT miss out on this opportunity to sell your products to a middle class that’s larger than the entire U.S. population and craving quality “Made in USA” products like yours.
Be an exhibitor at Access Asia 2017 for just $350. You will quickly recoup those costs before you pack up your booth. It turns out that selling your products in Asia is easier and less expensive than you ever imagined.

Space is limited and as of today there are only 40 boths left so act fast and reserve your spot at http://www.AccessAsia2017.com




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