Access Asia 2017 Trade Summit 101

Access Asia 2017 is proud to hold its groundbreaking Trade Summit at the magnificent Pacific Palms Resort. We can confidently say the Pacific Palms Resort offers the finest conference venue in Los Angeles. Pacific Palms Resort is the only full-service luxury golf and conference resort of its kind in Los Angeles County. At 650 acres, Pacific Palms Resort is one of the largest hotels within Southern California. In addition, the Pacific Palms Resort is a certified conference center with the International Association of Conference Centers (IACC).


The playing field has been leveled between International Fortune 500 Conglomerates and small and medium size American businesses. You can now compete internationally. It’s never been easier to export to Asia , the big reason: e-commerce. Asians spend and shop online more than any other country. Asian, online sales were nearly $1 Trillion last year, according to eMarketer, representing a sizable percentage of total retail sales, the highest proportion in the world.


Our marketing research shows us that e-commerce will become an even more important retail channel in the future, driving nearly half of all retail consumption and growth, and the vast majority of that growth will come from mobile e-commerce.  Asian online shoppers are increasingly purchasing goods directly from overseas merchants selling through online marketplaces. This trend, called “cross-border e-commerce,” is gathering steam partly due to reduced trade barriers. Asia’s cross-border retail e-commerce sales is projected to surpass $200 billion by 2020, representing about 6% of global retail e-commerce sales.

At ACCESS ASIA 2017 you’ll learn how Alibaba and its partner Exhivisit are making cross-border e-commerce easier and more profitable through innovative, web-based sales, logistics, and digital marketing solutions. Now small and medium size companies can compete internationally with Fortune 500 Companies. This is a MUST attend event. Reserve your place and don’t miss out on the Trade Show event of the year!


Sign Up NOW while space is still available! visit to reserve your both.

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