Chinese E commerce Love American Products

413 million Chinese regularly shop online, up from 361 billion in 2014. Chinese consumers love to shop online, they love buying American products when they’re there. American brands are usually perceived as higher quality and safer, with more higher class status. 61% of Chinese would pay even more for US-made products. In certain categories, the preference is even higher.  86% of Chinese consumers actually refuse to buy luxury goods labeled “Made in China”  A whopping  61% of Chinese have less confidence in local food than in 2011, and 28% expect to replace their local purchases with imports from America.


One major concern for Americans though is the fact that China is known for counterfeit products. But Chinese shoppers are less trusting than consumers elsewhere. And that’s with good reason. China is crawling with fakes from the well-known fake handbags and watches. TMall, only sells products directly from a brand owner or authorized distributor, meaning consumers can shop with the confidence of buying the real thing.

Alibaba has partnered up with Exhivisit and RepDm to teach American companies how to sell their products to China and address the isues to them. To find out more information visit to reserve your spot and learn valuable information on how to be successful selling to China.

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