President Trump is Ready for Access Asia 2017

Both Trump Administration and China realize avoiding  trade war with China will be beneficial for both countries. Trump has names Peter Navarro, a UC Irvine economics professor and China trade critic to run a White House National Trade Council. The meeting focused on the Chinese technology giant’s plans to expand in the U.S, especially Midwest, and both the U.S and China are interested in strengthening their relationships. “It was a very productive meeting,” Ma told reporters. “The door is open to discuss the relationships on trade issues.” “The two largest small business markets in the world are the United States and China, and connecting them seems like a good idea — good for the United States and good for China.” said Alibaba President Michael Evans.



While U.S brands are generally upbeat about the exposure they’re getting from Alibaba, almost everyone involved is mum about how much they’re actually selling. Alibaba declines to disclose total sales for international products, and Zhang acknowledges that goods from the U.S still represent a small percentages of sales volume. Of the 10 American companies Fortune spoke with, all declined to reveal their sales totals from Tmall and Tmall Global. “It’s still the early days for our business in China,” is a typical response. P&G, which sells everything from Pampers to Gillette razors through Tmall was mor openly bullish but not much more specific. It says its China e-commerce business, which includes but is not limited to Tmall,is now the company’s largest online retail operation, surpassing those in the U.S and Europe. P$&G declined to reveal e-commerce’s share of its $7 billion n annual China revenue but said its value had grown 100-fold during the past four years.

That’s why small and medium sized American companies are excited about getting on board. There is a trade summit being held by Alibaba and its U.S partners Exhivisit and RepDM in Los Angeles California this coming October. In an effort to improve U.S  Trade Deficit, Alibaba is planning the Access Asia 2017 Trade Summit to help teach U.S business how to sell online to the company’s 500 million customers in China. If you would like to learn more about this event you can visit

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