Access Asia 2017

Earlier this year on October 11-12, RepDm partnered up with The Alibaba Group for a world changing event, Access Asia 2017 Trade Summit. The purpose of this event was to connect the United States and China’s e-commerce and to be able to sell American products to China. The event taught its attendees a simple and easy way for this process and led them every step of the way.


Our Team at RepDM specializes in Sales, Marketing, Trade and Promotions back and forth between the United States and Asia. The months before Access Asia everyone worked extremely hard on finding some of The United States top Made In America products to try and help them make deals with the Alibaba Group and earn money off of these deals.


Pictured below is Nikki Rasor and her son from Firefighter Turnout Bags. The idea behind this company is simply amazing and the work she does is something great. Nikki creates bags out of recycled firefighter outfits. Using the recycled firefighter gear Nikki is able to create amazing custom bags, jackets, anything you could possibly think of. American Products like Nikki’s were great examples of what interests the Chinese E-commerce Market and Access Asia 2017 was able to introduce her to many possibilities.


Many Chinese representatives spoke at Access Asia 2017 to inform the attendees on the different ways and strategies to sell their products to China. Pictured below is Josh from Alibaba speaking about Alibaba’s plan to connect with the US.


Stay tuned for more Access Asia 2017 news and for future updates on Access Asia 2018!

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