Why “Single’s Day” is so Important to American Businesses

With Black Friday just around the corner for American’s, people are beginning to plan on what they want to buy. Whether it’s a brand new flat screen TV or the latest designer bag, people are ready to open up their wallets and spend, spend, spend. This is not only an American “holiday”, in China they have what is known as Singles Day has a very similar concept as black Friday, only they make double the money in half the time. Singles Day was on November 11, 2017 this year and Alibaba made just over $1.5 billion in only three minutes, raking up a grand total of $25,386,927,84.  Among the top shopped items, Beauty products, fashion, and you guessed it products “Made in America.”

access asia singles day .png

American products are huge in China, but since it is such a relevantly new market for Americans, very little have the resources or knowledge on how to get started selling overseas. This is why RepDM partnered up with the Alibaba Group and held Access Asia 2017 Trade Summit in City of Industry, California earlier this year. The main point of Access Asia was to teach American companies how they can sell their products to China through Alibaba. Many companies attended and learned valuable information from this event because of Alibaba representative Josh Jiang. He spoke on Alibaba’s plan to stop counterfeiting, ways to set up stores on Alibaba’s website and much more.


If you are an American business owner and are interested in learning more about how you can begin selling your products to China, email AccessAsiaNews@outlook.com and stick around for more information on our next Access Asia Trade Summit coming spring 2018.

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