American Wine in China

Wine tasting is a common scene in Napa Valley – but now it’s taking place 6,200 miles away from the home of Cabernet in the industrial sprawl of Hangzhou, China. The California-style tasting area is a temporary set-up on the campus of e-commerce giant Alibaba as part of a campaign by Mondavi to tap Alibaba’s enormous customer base.

The guests are almost all Chinese and young, and some sniff and sip the wine warily. Even basic instructions from the sommelier about how to hold a wineglass draw appreciative ahs. It’s a scene of cross-cultural courtship – and a glimpse of a broader effort with high stakes for Alibaba and American companies alike.

alibaba front wine

Earlier this year the Alibaba Group teamed up with RepDM and held Access Asia 2017 Trade Summit to teach American Businesses how they can sell their products to China and one of our main targets were wineries. Baron Cooper Wines also known as Pacific Wine groups was one of companies who attended and was able to learn all the different ways they can sell their wine in China.


If you are interested in learning how to sell your American products to china email and stay tuned for out spring event Access Asia 2018 Trade summit.


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